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 ~ Renaissance  Man ~ Iconoclast

All photographs from the "Pink Noise" photo shoot within this site of Zar and his home recording studio are by Rebecca Blissett. Shamanic necklace redesigned by Zar.

Zar of The Art of ZAR is an independent Recording Artist in Industrial, Goth and Psy-TRance genre; an Artist (Digital, Photographic, Collage, Ink, Interior Design Student, Blogger, Aspiring Author); part Mohawk Global Shaman, Mage, Metaphysicist, Modern Vampire, Founder of Church For Universal Peace and Unity. Renaissance Man and Iconoclast. He lives his life creatively and boldly while breaking boundaries and stereotypes and evolving in every way possible. Explore to discover his works and how you may obtain an expression of ZAR.

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