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 ~ Renaissance  Man ~ Iconoclast

Zar of The Art of ZAR is an independent Recording Artist in Industrial, Goth, EBM and Psy-TRance genres; an Artist (Digital, Photographic, Collage, Ink, Interior Design Graduate, Blogger, Author); part Norse| Mohawk Metis Global Shaman (Neutral), Mage, Ordained Priest open to Subcultures and is both multi-faith and LGBTQ friendly, and is a Metaphysicist. He lives his life creatively and boldly while breaking boundaries and stereotypes and evolving in every way possible. Upcoming:Book Global Shaman: A Guide for the Gifted and continuing Pink Noise full length cd (When hearing aids are adjusted properly)

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All artistic works by Zar including photographs, exhibited art pieces, written works, descriptions, music and promotional pieces within this website and linked to are  Copyright © 2010- 2014 The Art of ZAR. All Rights Reserved. Photos from Pink Noise photo shoot by Rebecca Blissett. Shamanic necklace in shoot redesigned by Zar..










        Zar’s art and music express peace, freedom and growth within multiple layers of meaning and reflect moving beyond boundaries, blurring the fuzzy borders between denser physical reality and realms mostly unseen or accentuating scenic photography to unveil the hidden beauty of nature from his unique perspective. Where will it take you?